Nick Feibel

Nick is a Senior studying Computer Science. He is originally from Princeton, NJ, but lived in the DC area for several years before transferring to Columbia University. He is an avid athlete, completing an Ironman Triathlon recently and helping with the Lightweight Rowing team at Columbia University as a team manager. In his free time, he enjoys watching comedy shows, playing video games, and disc golfing when he is out of the city. Though it is his first time in GSSC, he is focused on advocating for making Senior year the best for current and future Seniors. Embracing the YoSo mindset, he invites anyone to discuss suggestions, improvements, and opinions in general on the Senior experience in GS. So if you see him around campus, no matter your year, stop and say "Yo so..." if you have any thoughts on being a Senior in GS. You're Only a Senior Once, so he is focused on making that year the best it can be!