GSSC Co-Sponsorship

The General Studies Student Council is proud to offer students and student groups the opportunity to partner in creating a thriving campus community in Morningside Heights. For background, GSSC, in concert with the other three undergraduate student councils, wholly funds Funding at Columbia University (F@CU), which distributes funds to the six governing boards that represent all recognized student groups at Columbia University. The four council’s Vice Presidents of Finance also jointly chair the Joint Council Finance Committee (JCFC) that provides funding to individual student groups. 


In addition to F@CU and JCFC, GSSC provides recognized student groups and individual students with funding for events, travel to conferences (for students), etc. Please fill out the Google Form below to start your application. A member of the Finance Committee will contact you to schedule a presentation at one of our GSSC General Body meetings that meet on Tuesdays in the Satow Room on the 5th floor of Lerner at 8:15pm.


Steps to apply for GSSC Co-Sponsorship

  1. Read over GSSC Co-Sponsorship Bylaws
  2. Fill out GSSC Co-Sponsorship Form
  3. Submit a detailed budget along the lines of this template
  4. Present to GSSC General Body 
  5. If approved, list GSSC on all promotional materials
  6. Submit receipts in a timely manner after the event’s conclusion

Please find additional sources of funding here

Please fill out these documents for all GSSC Co-Sponsorship requests. These documents are automatically shared with Student Council and can be referenced when you present before council.

GSSC Co-Sponsorship Form here! 

Additional sources of funding here! 

Questions the requesting organization should know the answer to:

1. Who is the bus charter?

2. How many students are going/went from GS of those who expressed interest?

3. What additional funding has been secured?

4. How much would it impact your mission going forward if we were unable to provide the full $1000? Ex: If we provided less, what does that do to your mission in the future?

Please email [email protected] for any and all questions as well as to share that budget request with us we have attached above.