Lilia Canter

Lily is a new and excited member of the GS community! She studies creative writing and has no idea what she will do with that degree. She is passionate and enthusiastic though, which may be all that matters. Lily, a sober student in active recovery, is passionate about aiding others in the recovery community. She is an outspoken advocate for those struggling with addiction and is a strong example of overcoming and fighting addiction. Before Lily had the privilege of joining the GS family, she worked in restaurants and fine dining across the country and helped open two new restaurants in Austin, Texas. Lily is a proud Austinite, and like a true Texan, is happy and welcoming to all. (IDK if this line should be there, I don’t want it to sound like I’m conservative because I’m Southern lol)

Outside of student council, Lily involves herself in the greater Columbia community, participating in as many clubs as her time permits. She loves being a Columbian and does her best to share that and connect with the community she is so grateful to be a part of. Say hi! She’s known for never having met a stranger.

Lily hopes to help bring the first-year class together and understands that nontraditional students can have different needs than those on a typical path. She believes that being nontraditional is not a complication, setback, or inconvenience but a celebration of the different stories the GS community brings. We are a fascinating and unique community. The events Lily plans to organize will reflect that.

She cannot wait to help this family in any way she can, and she hopes to meet and befriend as many classmates as possible. Again, Lily is anyone’s friend!