Joshua Brunnlehrman

Get To Know Josh

Major: Mathematics and Talmud '23

Joshua is a junior in the JTS/GS Joint Program studying Math/Computer Science and Talmud.  When his head is not buried in his books, whether a math textbook or a tome of Talmud, you can often find him walking the halls of JTS or eating peanut sandwiches somewhere on Columbia’s campus despite finishing dinner just an hour ago.

Although Columbia & JTS are located right next to each other and students in the program travel between both schools every day—even making a mad dash between classes to not be late—it can feel as if the two schools exist in alternate universes. So, as JTS Rep, Joshua hopes to bring GS’ers and JTS students together from across the seemingly endless two block ocean that is Columbia’s Campus and JTS. By doing so, he will help foster relationships that allow JTS students and GS students to feel part of one common community.