Jacob Resnick

Jake is a sophomore in the joint program with the Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University. Jake is majoring in Economics at Columbia, and at JTS he is majoring in Law. As Technology Chair, Jake aims to ensure smooth coordination of all online connections, including maintaining weekly meetings, updating the website to reflect modern information and styles, and streamlining online communications between the student body and GSSC. While this is his second year at Columbia, this is Jake's first year involved in student life, and he is excited to help make Columbia a warm and welcoming environment for all.

In his free time, Jake enjoys playing tennis, cooking, being active, and playing video games. Outside of student council, Jake is a member of the Rock Climbing Club. You can also find Jake at Chabad or Hillel regularly or at some store buying food because he is always hungry. Jake's general philosophy is always to try to make himself laugh and smile.