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Each Project has a separate, numbered sheet. Please, click on the sheet below to access progress being made for each Project.

Beginning of the Semester
Assistance Fund

Assistance fund to aid students in the first few weeks of the semester Raisa Flor (1) 

Mental Health Initiative

To confront mental health and wellness policies and initiatives to ensure students' needs are not only met, but anticipated; engage with administration, student groups, and faculty to enhance awareness of mental health issues; review Mental Health Addendum from previous year and update as necessary Raisa Flor/Matt Linsky (2) 

By-law Review

To complete review of GSSC By-laws; present to full council for votes; update Constitution and By-Laws once votes are tallied. Raisa Flor/Jonathan Criswell/Team (3)

Social Media Conduct

Propose a student agreed upon code of conduct to be followed on GS specific social media groups .Raisa Flor (4)

Faculty Mentorship Program

To pair current undergraduate students with Senior Faculty Members for mentorship in areas such as academics, social navigation, and career opportunities Raisa Flor (5)

Monthly Awareness Panels

To increase awareness of the different communities at GS Raisa Flor/Justin Deal (6)

Academic Success Program

To expand the program to first gen/low income GS students Raisa Flor (7)

Students With Disabilities Opportunity Portfolio

To create a portfolio of businesses and organizations who have diversity initiatives aimed specifically at individuals with disabilities Jonathan Criswell (8)

Students with Disabilities Needs Survey

Jonathan Criswell (9)

Transparency Resolution

To implement and codify transparency initiatives for the Policy Committee and GSSC as a whole for this year and years to come Yona Kornsgold (10)

Swipe Access

To get GS students swipe access into CC/SEAS dorms Yona Kornsgold (11)

Finals Schedule Revision

To ensure that students do not have more than 2 finals in a 24 hour period Yona Kornsgold (12)

JTS CU Health Appointments

To enable JTS/GS students to make online appointments with CU Health Yona Kornsgold/Justin Deal (13)

CUFSN Reboost

See what's going on with CUFSN Julia Hewitt (14)

International Students Network

Connect international GS students to share relevant information to help with job search and community building Raisa Flor (15)

Elections Review

To make an assessment of the current GSSC elections system in comparison with peers institutions and suggest improvements Policy Committee (16)