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Communications Initiatives Tracker for the General Studies Student Council


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Advertising of Student Council Events

Each GSSC hosted event is properly advertised through our active social media outlets. Curious to see what events we've recently worked on? Check out our social media platforms!

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Advertising of GS/CU Club Material in the GSSC Newsletter

To expand and encourage the GS student network, GSSC Communications is proud and eager to promote events or material related to and benefiting GS student interactions solely within our Newsletter! To find out how your content can be feature in the GS Weekly Owl, please read on...

If you, or your GS/CU Club are interested in being featured within the GSSC Newsletter please make sure that what you want advertised meets the following guidelines:

(1) GSSC will feature content that is beneficial to the majority of the GS student body. 

(2) GSSC will NOT feature content inquiries from private companies.

If you meet these guidelines, click here to be featured in the GS Weekly Owl!


For any other inquiries, please email [email protected] directly. 

Website Transparency

In order to increase the GSSC's ongoing transparency goals, the Communications Committee works to input each committee's Progress Trackers onto this site for the public to view. This allows the public to easily have access and be able to view what exactly the General Studies Student Council works on, what our goals are and how we are fulfilling those goals. 

If you've logged on to any of our Council Committee Trackers and seem to think something is missing, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Social Media Conduct

Each student working on the General Studies Student Council Communications Committee has agreed to a code of conduct in order to properly represent the GSSC with integrity. 

If you'd like to report any concerning activity within our communication platforms, please email us directly at [email protected]!