Siena Iwasaki Milbauer

Get To Know Siena

Major: Ethnicity and Race Studies '24

Siena is a first year student at GS from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is looking to major in Ethnicity & Race Studies with a 2024 prospective graduation date. Siena’s background is in nonprofit and organizing work. She’s worn a lot of hats in that arena: fundraiser, archivist, event planner, and most enduringly and happily communications specialist. As part of GSSC, she is looking forward to putting her professional skills to use on behalf of our GS community, making sure that the needs and voices of GS'ers are amplified and celebrated.

In her free time, Siena is an incorrigible TV binger and an incurable book worm. She is so excited to be in New York as part of the GS community, and since she was actually born in Manhattan, this feels like a wonderful full circle journey for Siena.