Nasser Odetallah

Get To Know Nasser

Major: English and Film & Media Studies, Class of 2025

Contact Info: [email protected]

Nasser is in his third year at GS, studying English and Film & Media Studies. He plans to attend film school after Columbia and has been actively involved in GSSC since arriving to Columbia in the fall of 2021. Before GS, Nasser obtained bachelor’s degrees in the fields of Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, before deciding to leave STEM and return to school to pursue new academic and career opportunities. In between his previous university and Columbia, Nasser worked as the Head of Operations at a non-profit food business focused on refugee and asylum-seeking women from Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa regions.

Outside of his involvement on student council and in school, Nasser is involved with two student groups that advocate for first-generation, low-income students, Matriculate and the GS FGLI group, as well as serving as an Orientation Leader and Crew Captain during the New Student Orientation Period (NSOP). Additionally, Nasser works part-time for the Columbia Library system, as an Admissions Ambassador and Tour Guide for the GS Admissions Office, and as a gig worker for the Columbia Bartending Agency.

Nasser’s focus on council is to ensure that all four Committees are fully supported and functioning, while overseeing opportunities for collaboration within and outside of GSSC. His initiatives include working on a variety of important changes for students through advocacy work on the Policy Committee, specifically along the domains of finances, dining, housing, academic policies, and mental health, ensuring that GSSC’s student events represent the diverse interests and increased demand of our student body through the Campus Life Committee, and enhancing the logistical work done by the Finance and Communications Committee.

In his downtime, Nasser can be found exploring restaurants throughout the city, taking walks around Morningside Heights, listening to music, watching movies or television, or spending time with friends.

If you see Nasser around campus, make sure to say hi and introduce yourself!