Jemima Kingdon Jones

Jemima is a student at Columbia University, currently pursuing a Dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature to graduate in 2024. Jemima is a Trinity X Columbia community member specializing in Russian and Shakespearean literature. Over the summer she worked in two financial internships in London and studied abroad in the French summer program.

Jemima is actively involved in campus life. Last semester, she served as the First Year Vice President of the Campus Life Committee in Columbia University's GSSC.

In her new role as Community Services and Sustainability Representative on the Campus Life Committee she plans to lead the position with a focus on stimulating environmental education through organizing workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns. Outside her academic and GSSC responsibilities, Jemima enjoys sports and is a semiprofessional showjumper. During her leisure time, Jemima enjoys exploring New York City's culinary scene and taking leisurely walks in Morningside Heights with a good book. If you encounter Jemima on campus, please say hello and introduce yourself!