Garrett Gregor-Splaver

Get To Know Garrett 

Major: Applied Mathematics '23

Garrett is a rising senior, graduating with the Class of 2023. His major course of study is in Applied Mathematics, but he’s also regularly engaged in independent study of nuclear weapon policy under Professor Ivana Hughes of Columbia's K=1 project. He’s also considering a minor in Italian. Garrett is interested in architecture and urban design, an ardent reader of political history, and a bit obsessed with brewing his own espresso. 

When he’s not too busy working or studying, Garrett loves getting to know his fellow GS students better and serving our community. He is excited to serve you this year as the Senior Class Treasurer to make sure we can finance all of the special senior events that our school has come to know and love. He’s confident that with input and support from fellow students we can bring back much of what makes the final year together on campus so special, even after such a profoundly difficult two years.