Bruce Goumain

Get To Know Bruce 

Major: Cognitive Science & Public Health '25

Bruce is a French Air Force Veteran currently studying Cognitive Science & Public Health and graduating in 2025. He deeply values the Columbia Experience for its students and employees and cares greatly about ensuring that everyone is able to take care of their physical, social, and mental health while having at their disposal the right tools and resources to thrive financially, academically, and professionally.

He has previously interned for the laboratories of Veolia Water Technologies in the processes of providing potable water for humanitarian emergencies and worked for Rotary International for which he organized fundraisers that were able to fund the rural electrification and structural transformation of multiple schools and villages in Mali, Togo, and Burkina Faso. He believes that it is up to us to speak for those whose voices are not being heard and that we each have a role to play in reducing the inequalities we witness in the environments in which we evolve. We have to be conscious of the impact that we have on people and on society, and take action in the direction that will help better the lives of others around us and for the generations to come.

In his free time, Bruce enjoys hiking with his friends and practicing track & field but you will also find him catching up on musicals he has not seen yet or spending hours reading in random bookstores.